About Us

Small Urban Farm

We are located in Sacramento county near many urban Farms, we have had chickens on and off for years and of course still keep a seperate little flock for eggs those are "the big girls" but fell in love with the Silkie and Serama (especially the silkied ones) so in 2015 we started breeding these guys and have been working to improve them every year.

Both breeds are lots of fun and easy to handle they make great pets for kids and adults, Silkies and Serama do like to go broody quite often so you may not get a lot of eggs but they make up for it with character! Because we are small scale we do not have a lot of breeder birds and are unable to replace any eggs, we may not always have birds chicks or eggs avaliable but what we do have has been well cared for.

We do belong to California NPIP small flock program so our birds are tested for AI and pullorum and we are able to ship within the continental United States. Please do hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, Facebook message is the fastest or send us an email.

Thank you for checking out our Farm!