blue cockerel and pullet


Blue Black and Splash colors all breed together in 1 pen and you can get all 3 varieties. the "color" Blue is a diluting gene,so if your bird is....
Black = 0 copies of blue 
Blue= 1 copy of blue
Splash 2 copies of blue (1 from each parent) in other words you will not get Splash from just a black and blue as each parent must have at least 1 copy of Blue.
We are just starting our BBS pen so it is still "a work in progress"

Muppet black frizzled silkie (molting here so lost her tail but still cute!)
Splash and blue pullets
blue cockerel and pullet
Black hen "Onyx"
Blue cockerel
Blue pullet
Black pullet
Black silkie and NN silkie pullets
Blue NN silkie pullet
Black Pullets
Black pullets


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