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Silkies in a mixed flock

It’s that time of year! Chicks are hatching and you are feeling the itch,you have seen all the cute photos of Silkies and are ready to have some of your own! The first thing you might 

think is “can I have other chickens too?” Certainly! While it is adorable to have an all Silkie flock some may want more variety or just larger eggs 😉 there are a few things to keep in mind when mixing Silkies with other chickens.

Silkies may have a hard time seeing if they have too many feathers in their eyes so a trim may be in order to help introduce them to a new flock or help keep them safe from predators .

Silkies cannot fly because of their silkied feathers so they cannot fly up to roost and tend to sleep on the floor of the coop in a pile one reason why we recommend at least 3 Silkies to a flock, so they have friends to help keep them warm at night. Silkies are classified as a bantam breed so because of their small size,calm nature and fluffy heads they can get picked on and be on the bottom of the flock so try not to pick bossy or aggressive breeds to keep with them.

If you can,picking up all the chicks and raising them together is the easiest, so decide what kind of flock you want, not much room? Maybe all bantams are for you,they take up less space and are easy to hold but the eggs are small.....  Maybe you want good size eggs and some cute Silkies then large/standard fowl may be for you, let’s look at a few popular breeds that may make good friends.

Bantam breeds (bantam means small)

Millie fleur belgian bearded d’uccle

These do come in other colors other than Millie fleur and they tend to be very friendly and flashy with their feathered feet and beards,they also come with no beard/muffs known as Booted Bantams


These guys are a great choice for kids and can be friendly and easy to handle and of course their huge crests are beautiful!

Bantam Cochin 

These fluffy birds are a popular choice for Silkies as they are both so similar in fluff and temperament, they are nice calm birds and easy to keep alongside Silkies.

Large/Standard fowl


These are one of our favorites they have cute beards and muffs and lay blue eggs!!! They don’t get too large roughly 4-5 lbs and are calm and lay well, you may see at hatcheries or feed stores Ameraucana/Americana or Easter Eggers/EE while these are usually mixed with pure Ameraucana and lay a variety of pastel colored eggs not just blue they can make just as good of friends as they usually are around the same size and temperament. Also available in bantam.


These are a nice choice because they lay a good size brown egg are good layers and tend to be calm and they are roughly 5-6 lbs and with their dark brown almost black eyes and beautiful black feathers that shine in the sun they are a nice addition. Also available in bantam.

Salmon Faverolles

These guys also have beards/muffs and 5 toes! Just like the Silkie! Plus they are nice birds to be around they are calm and friendly, roughly 5-6 lbs and lay light brown eggs.

These are only a few example, try to find birds that are similar in temperament to Silkies and are not too big or too small in comparison 😉 but most of all enjoy them!